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Fall & Winter 1221

Sainela Falls

Fall 1221

Outstanding business: Sainela; ritual to protect the grogs; Dominus’ trip to Toledo; decision about 1 vis per year per magi with no restrictions; finding apprentices (and the ritual to find them)
New Business:
The ritual to protect the grogs should begin this season.
Suggests that a season be spent preparing to go after Sainela. Perhaps formulaic spells that could protect them while they assault her.
Plans to research a spell that can break the limit of divinity.
Still thinking about how to create the scrying device in Dominus’s tower.
Everyone should learn his Rego Terram spell.
Charges the covenant with slaying Sainela within 2 seasons. Provides an orichalcum sword that can slay her.

Valentina of Guernicus comes to the covenant with Moribundus and asks to attend the council. Dominus presents her with a case of very nice wine (thanks to Murad).
Murad was not able to trade in Palma or Barcelona.
Dominus damaged the magic sword while examining it. The enchantment is unraveling, but Soteris uses his Mercurian magic to lead a ritual that repairs it.
Dominus goes to the Barcelona covenant to find an arcane connection to Sainela. Success.

Winter 1221

No one will trade with Murad. Need to figure out why.
Gesse gets shipwrecked around the southern tip of Iberia along with the 4 grogs they sent on a recruiting mission to England. (No one in the covenant is aware of this yet)
Journey to nearby small island of Cabrera for the summoning ritual.
Bring 4 soldier grogs with them.
Ritual is successful.
Razvan’s Diaspora Diabolica spell weakens Sainela. They defeat her and manage to preserve her head. The sword they got from the Order was destroyed in the process. Razvan got beat up in the exchange but took no permanent damage.
Soteris completes the protection from warping ritual. A soft moan arises from the caverns beneath the covenant…


Soft moan…? I donta remember thata part.
The problemo with Murad annoys me. Not Murad, but why he can no trade. I think maybe i go talk to il familia in the springtime, see iffa they donta want to be ‘ill’ familia…
Our encounter with Sainela give me great hope for the covenant. We faced a true diabolica, not only erased a threat to our order, but gained a potent defense for Macha Morgana through the ritual. I would not lika to be the, como si dice in anglese, ah the ‘apunching baga’ too often, but I also found the conflagratione physicale to be most invigorating.
I now go practice more against la Danza della Spada.

Fall & Winter 1221

One important note about the update to Ibiza: the ritual to ward against the infernal is not complete yet. The materials have been gathered but no one has actually conducted the ritual yet.

No reason…

Fall & Winter 1221
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