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Have You Ever Thought About Piracy?

You'd Make a Wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts...

Liviticus presented his findings about the covenant ley line. Apparently it is the source of the most recent incarnation of the Holy Grail legend. Details are hazy, but it seems that since the last covenant collapsed, some crusading knights established a chapter house on the site and when they explored the caverns they disturbed the ley line and wound up fusing some of their loot to a ledge in the cavern. One piece of the loot happened to be a cup, so the religious nuts decided it was the Grail.

The warping effects of the awakened ley line soon twisted the knights beyond recognition and their chapter house fell into ruin. The grail legend continued, but the location seems to have remained secret, for now.

The council meeting revolved around two main items:

  1. We need money.
  2. We don’t want people finding out about the grail thing… unless it can earn us money… but only if it’s a lot of money…

The Liaison ruled that they would keep the grail a secret until further notice, so their money-making efforts turned to piracy, naturally.

Sir Jarl, Felix and Dominus paid a visit to Don Eduardo de la Franco. Their visit accomplished several important things:

  1. Established formal contact with the local lord.
  2. Got his blessing to commit discreet acts of piracy (in exchange for reasonable tribute)
  3. Gathered information about which ships they should target.

While it was far from smooth, Dominus, Liviticus, Felix and Sir Jarl managed to board a trading vessel and subdue the crew without anyone dying. They exchanged the vessel’s trade goods in town and obtained enough materials to improve everyone’s labs. The ship was left with Don Franco as tribute, and the ensorcelled crew joined the covenant, swelling the ranks to over 50 grogs.

Now if they could only get them to work a bit harder…


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