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Spring 1221

A Leisurely Trip to the South


  • It was decided that Felix’s proposed ritual is a good idea. Next step is to find either a tome of architecture or an architect.
  • The covenant needs to seek out and destroy the demon Sainela. It is quite possible that she will reveal herself since she’s kinda pissed at Dominus for messing up her gig at the Barcelona covenant.

Don Franco’s lieutenant, Donatello, arrives. Sir Jarl manages the interaction. The Don wishes to speak with Dominus and as many other magi as are available. They agree. Sir Jarl, Dominus and Razvan go see the Don.
After a brief but tense negotiation, the Don agrees to lend them his best trackers to help them track down “someone” in exchange for them accompanying him to Algiers. He also agreed to make contact with an architect to help with the ritual Felix proposed. The architect is currently in Valencia. Maybe a couple months to arrive?

The ocean voyage requires some magical assistance to quell the rowdy sailors and an unseasonable storm, but no harm done.

Upon arrival in Algiers they are treated to an extended street party in their honour (that almost masks the squalor most of the people live in).
When they meet the Sultan, Don Franco introduces the idea that they need to pray, which Dominus uses to cover up casting a spell. The Sultan now believes he is subservient to the Don.
During their visit, Sir Jarl searches for Gifted people. Finds one at the very end. Turns out she is a non-Gifted girl who is now a random Moorish grog in the covenant.
Sir Jarl has a duel with the Sultan’s champion, Strong Belwas. The duel ends when Sir Jarl cuts off Strong Belwas’ legs. Demands the Sultan’s hair as the boon in return.
The Don leaves with a BUNCH of gold as a result of their actions.


I was most impressed with not only his direct actions in the duel, but by Sir Jarl’s easy way of handling the raging seamen that exploded in our midst part way through our trip to Algiers. As we know, seamen can be notoriously sticky and crusty, especially when it comes to dealing with superstitions. Why are you snickering so, Murad…?

Spring 1221
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