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Summer 1221

Outstanding Business: Sainela. Trackers have been acquired. Dominus and Soteris will accompany the trackers in the hunt.
New Business:
- wants to go to Barcelona to find Sainela. Passed unanimously.
- Plans to go to the main covenant near Toledo to submit himself for punishment due to his actions taken while in Algiers.
- Proposes limitations on the amount of vis the magi can take per year. Allocating a rook per year with no restrictions on its use (to avoid time spent at council on minutiae). Decided to leave this for the bursar to rule on.
- No new business.
- proposes that all magi must bring at least 2 rooks of vis with them when traveling (for safety).
- investigate a ritual to protect the grogs from the warping effects of Macha Morgana. Soteris should investigate what would be required.
- Everyone needs to work on finding apprentices. Perhaps a spell that will help traced gifted children.

Murad carries them to Barcelona in his ship. Thanks to Dominus’ spell the crew believe Gesse is the finest bard in the world.
Felip is the leader of the trackers. When they disembark in Barcelona there is a major disaster at the dock. Sonic boom among other things. Felip and his companions abandon the magi and run off into the city amongst the chaos. Dominus uses 2 vis to create a spell that erases memories of the issue.
Gesse books them a room at an inn and does some scouting. Gets some reports about Felip on the second night.
While Gesse hunts, Dominus and Soteris go to the Barcelona covenant. They trade scrolls of creo and ignem for auram and mentem. Dominus and Iordanus do a ritual to find traces of infernal influence and follow it back to the city.
Gesse encounters Felip et al. Gets shot but creates a distraction with a handful of silver and gets away. They give chase. He pushes himself and avoids them.
Sainela confronts them. Certamen duel with Soteris. Dominus intervenes but gets lost to twilight. Soteris holds his own but succumbs to twilight when he tries to hit her as she retreats (disappears for 3 days). She inflicts terror upon the crowd to cover her escape.
They meet Cobalus the hearth spirit. He watches over them while they wait for Soteris to return from twilight.
Felip and his men turn up dead the next day.
They return to the covenant.


It is clear we have underestimated the power of this diabolica, and we are lucky to have survived the encounter. It is clear more study and preparation is required to confront her, and we must review our protocol when dealing with the mundanes, both the people and their cities. We must try to avoid these sorts of open conflicts, being aware that of course these conflicts sometimes come to us.

Summer 1221
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