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Summer 1222

The covenant grew significantly during the Spring with two families fleeing the chaos at Villa Ibiza and a small group of soldiers formerly in the employ of Don Franco. A hunting party failed to return, however, and it is assumed that they were waylaid by the invaders.
Dominus discovered several interesting facts about Macha Morgana.
A long and occasionally heated Council session resulted in the following actions:
- All magi must be actively pursuing apprentices. Failure to produce some kind of result by the next council meeting will result in their destruction.
- A significant portion of the treasury was spent to finance an addition to Gilera’s lab and heavy crossbows for the warband.
- An assault was to be launched on the Moorish vessels blockading the island.

While Razvan set off in search of an apprentice, Sir Jarl, Liviticus, Dominus and Gilera took advantage of Razvan’s new flight spell in their assault on the Moors. They were quickly able to pinpoint the vessel most likely to contain the Moorish maga and her elemental staff.

Liviticus lead the assault with pillars of flame and the group suffered only minor wounds while destroying the ship’s crew. The sorceress proved slightly more resilient, though she too fell to the combined efforts of the group – including a desperate petition to Macha Morgana by Sir Jarl that allowed his dagger to strike true despite magical obstacles. Her spirit was weakened by the effort required to extend her influence so far from her cavern and Sir Jarl has further pledged to undertake a quest to cleanse a previously unknown series of catacombs beneath the covenant.



Now see here, I am a man of few words, and rarely written, but I feel that I have no alternative but to leave for you a note explaining my absence. It is with no small whimsy that I abandon my duties, and I am fully prepared to face the consequence when, or if, I return.
To expound further:
On the ship, while we were beset by those barbaric heathens what! I found myself facing a dire dilemma, much as we all were. Yet, while you and your companions with your wisdom and supreme power had many options at hand to bring the heretic witch to justice, I regret to say I had few. Perhaps the foul poison from that treasonous assassin had clouded my judgment; perhaps it was the heat of the moment. Regardless, I wish to make no excuses for my action, only to inform you of them, and the subsequent ramifications that followed.
On seeing the black-faced sorceress about to make her escape, I did what I hope you will understand to be what any loyal, pious servant would do: I hurled the assassin’s dagger at the villainous enchantress, fueled by a desperate prayer to the one and only true power in this world. Macha Morgana.
She answered, and the dagger struck home, yes what!! But, I regret to say, it was not without cost.
I am sick to know that it is I who caused our fair spirit to suffer so in extending her grace so far. But I did, and there is no avoiding that.
Therefore, my lord and liege, I have undertaken a quest on Macha Morgana’s behalf, the very least that I can do, and I am blessed for the opportunity to repay my gratitude. I have descended into the caverns below, to purge it of the tainted goblins and ghouls and what!not that plague the dreams of Morgana. I will return to face covenant justice as soon as I can.
Sir Jarl

Summer 1222

pinned to Sir Jarl’s door

Your petition, and subsequent weakening of our leyline, the Macha Morgana, is reprehensible and unacceptable.

Present yourself to me immediately upon your return from this so-called quest. I hope for your sake you return with most favourable results.

Primus Dominus

Summer 1222
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