Soteris of Tytalus

Big and full of booze


Common name: Barabal Fairbairn
Full Latin name: Soteris Papirius Paetus
House: Tytulus
Born: Rothes, Scotland
Childhood/Apprenticeship: Barabal was essentially the redheaded stepchild of the apprentices, coming in late at the age of 14 and looking out of place at the best of times. While his magic was quite far behind many of the younger apprentices he balanced this lack of power/respect by demanding it back with his considerable size and enjoyment of sheer brute force. This would land him in unending amounts of trouble/punishment, but the non-stop detentions forced him into more study and helped him catch up to some of the younger apprentices.


Barabal grew from a big kid to and even bigger adult ending up at an very stocky/solid 5’10, 260 lbs. His long red beard and hair have made him very distinct, along with his tendency to wear his traditional Scottish garb wherever he goes not really worrying about how much attention it calls along with his mage aura of unlikeness thing. His boisterous nature and love of conflict does have a tendency to cause a bit of trouble, and the orders Judges have given him unending amount of lectures about how he needs to stop calling so much attention to magic.


When first entering the lab it looks more like a bar/lounge with a couple casks of ale, and a many bottles of fine spirits. The lab actually feels very warm and cozy, smelling like tobacco with very dim candlelight lighting the rooms. Many martial weapons from the UK mounted on the walls. Ritual components and his personal library seem to be jammed wherever they can fit, quite clearly given a lower priority. For whatever reason other mages don’t have as much of a problem coming into this lab. While it does still feel slightly awkward, it is considerably less strange than one would expect.

Soteris of Tytalus

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