ArM World

A New Covenant is Established

Fresh from their gauntlets at the Grand Tribunal, Dominus of Guernicus, Liviticus of Flambeau and Razvan of Verditius are assigned the task of reestablishing a covenant on the isle of Ibiza.

They gathered their companions, Murad Rauf, Pistol and Sir Jarl and a small group of grogs to aid them.

They arrived to find the site of the former covenant somewhat less spectacular than they had hoped. The grogs set up tents and under Pistol’s stern gaze the camp began to take shape.

Their first official visitor was a Redcap, who scolded them for their lack of progress and issued a formal demand for a report on the living ley line that made the covenant site unique. Liviticus volunteered to produce the document and pledged to spend the rest of the season working on it.

The other magi spent the season gathering vis and arguing about the best way to use it. Unfortunately, the laziness of the grogs meant that there was not enough gold in the treasury to undertake any meaningful improvements.


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