Location: 20 miles of the east coast of Spain in the mediterreanean sea
Description: Island, rocky with pine trees; 220 sq miles, highest elevation 475
Towns: Villa Ibiza in the south on the most hospitable bay, home of the local lord Don Eduardo de la Franco; a medium town with port and fort, the Villa Franco. Sant Antoni, village on the west coast, famous on the isle for its prawn soup.

Size: Small (75 people); Juan of the Grogs, unofficial leader(s?)
Warband: Small (15 fighters) 3 Harm, 1 Armour; or 2 Armour with Turb Captain
Surplus: +2 to max # of jobs per season, +Authority, +Hunting, +Fortune x2
Income: Deficient (Fall 1222)
Vulnerabilities: Laziness, Warping, Idleness, Obligation to local lord, Desertion, Curiosity
Fortification: Respectable. Original foundations of walls reinforced, new medium walls raised with corner towers, a barbican, and parapets. +1 Armour
Buildings: 5 magi towers and a keep; grog homes, stables, and any other wooden buildings to be built
Base level of towers: Razvan (covenant workshops and forge, access to Macha Morgana), Dominus (council chambers, future location of il Ochi), Soteris (library), Livitcus (armoury), Felix (vault for gold and vis)
Keep: Companions and guest quarters, kitchens; public audience hall, rooms for future magi, especially Jerbiton
Rituals: A shrouding aura protects us from the infernal*; a shield protects the grogs from the warping effect of Macha Morgana
*has not been enacted yet

Primus: Dominus
Bursar: Soteris
Librarian: Razvan
Liaison: Gilera
Militant: Liviticus
Vicarius: Felix

Discipline: +3
Fight: 0
Fortune: +1
Social: +1
Aura: (Strong);Macha_Morgana.jpg a living Ley Line composed of the ancient aura source of a previous covenant, mixed with a relic looted from Jerusalum by the Knights of Santiago who claimed the relic to be the Holy Grail. She calls herself Macha Morgana; she is brilliant, opinionated, and thoroughly unpredictable.

Library (Basic/Adv/Complete):
Creo: C
Intellego: B
Muto: B
Perdo: A
Rego: A

Animal: C
Aquam: A
Auram: B
Corpus: B
Herbam: B
Ignem: C
Imaginem: B
Mentem: C
Terram: C
Vim: B

Spells from Razvan’s library that can be learned:
Parete Pietra, Diaspora Diabolica, Danza della Spada, Aer A Zburo,

Vis: 16
Upon leaving the covenant, each magi must carry at least two vis. Every year each magi has access to 1 vis free from council vote
Gold: 31 total (3 with Murad as a float for trade)

Magi and initial contribution: Dominus +Authority; Razvan +4 library; Liviticus +1 harm; Felix aura increase; Soteris +1 Fortune; Gilera +4 Library


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