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Fall 1222


Valentina and Cassian of Guernicus, aided by Gallus of Flambeau, have been dispatched to investigate whether punitive measures against the Ibiza Covenant are in order. They have decided to hold off and see how the covenant handles the current problem. Since the potential fallout could impact the entire Order, Cassian will remain at the covenant to monitor the situation.
As the result of a certamen ritual, new covenant roles had to be selected. New roles:

  • Dominus is Primus;
  • Razvan is Librarian;
  • Soteris is Bursar;
  • Liviticus is Militant;
  • Gilera is Liaison;
  • Felix is Vicarius

Outstanding Business

  • Progress on apprentices.
  • Gesse is in Paris as a court jester. Soteris, Pistol and Slagwell are assigned to go rescue him.
  • Macha Morgana. Power is fluctuating. She is not appeased yet. Sir Jarl is questing in the catacombs with a few grogs.
  • Improve aquam knowledge in the covenant. Razvan will dedicate some study.
  • Moorish magi – their existence and the fact that they work for the Sultan. Need to find them, offer Order membership, then destroy. All covenant members will spend a season preparing for this mission.


It was uno anni fa, one year ago, that Valentina made her first trip to our covenant with what was a carefully worded ultimatum regarding Sainela. At that time, I recommended we re-examine our actions regarding both the mundanes and the infernal, and adopt a strategy that was more in line with the strictures of the Code. This was important not only in regards to our young reputation within the Order, but also with the protection of Macha Morgana in mind.
A year later, and a second visit from Valentina, with a second deadly ultimatum.
It is clear we have failed badly in our duty to keep Macha Morgana safe, and our covenant from the spotlight. Once our misstep with the Sultan has been rectified, and the Moorish Magi dealt with, a full internal review of our actions is required, and adjustments necessary to avoid these catastrophic ramifications of heedless decisions.

Fall 1222
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