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Spring 1222

Under Siege

Pistol and Sir Jarl, Razvan, Liviticus and 5 grogs answer Donatello’s call for aid. Apparently Villa Franco is under siege by Moors.
They enchant their horses to enable them to get to Villa Franco as quickly as possible. Liviticus rides his horse to death.
They leave their horses and fly over the attacking army, which has destroyed the outer town and is using the materials to build siege engines.
The middle town is in chaos as the people lucky enough to escape the first attacks are now trying to get into the inner castle.
While Liviticus starts hurling fireballs (not completely at random), Razvan and Donatello go see the Don. Sir Jarl and Pistol quickly take charge of the wall defenders and start enforcing some order.
Don Franco reveals that he had received a threatening message from the Sultan of Algiers. The besieging army arrived before he could even formulate a response. The attackers arrived in a fleet of 40 ships. Their numbers are estimated at around 600. Upon arrival they sank every ship in the harbour and they have taken at least a few hundred people captive already.
After breaking through the main gate, the Moors launch an assault on Villa Franco but are quickly dispersed by Liviticus’s fireballs. They retreat back and actually begin barricading the main gate from outside.
The party gathers a few of the Don’s soldiers and proceeds into the middle town to evaluate the situation. They are ambushed by assassins that are accompanied by non-hermetic magic users who seem able to absorb and diffuse spells cast at them. Two of the grogs and many of the Don’s soldiers fall to the deadly attackers. Between Razvan’s wall of stone spell, Liviticus’s fireballs and the companion’s martial skills, the assassins are defeated, though not before they inflict some damage, especially to Pistol.
While Razvan patches Pistol up with some magic, Sir Jarl and Liviticus amuse themselves by hurling Moorish body parts over the walls and lighting them on fire. The effect is less disheartening than they hoped, but it passed the time.
Razvan and Liviticus did some scrying to try and figure out more about their attackers, but Liviticus fell into a Twilight-induced coma before he could reveal much of what he had learned.
After rallying a larger group of the Don’s soldiers, Sir Jarl and Pistol lead a counterattack against a large group of Moorish infantry that had circled around and broke through the south gate. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the heroes manage to defeat and disperse their Moorish foes.
From the top of the outer wall, Razvan spots a growing whirlwind of sand and determines that it is magical in nature (though not hermetic)…


Magi of Covenant Ibiza

We face a number of threats that must be dealt with imminently.
As most of you are aware, Villa Ibiza was assaulted by a Moorish force; to call them a raiding party would be to have called the demoness Sainella an ‘inconvenience’ …the isle is now currently surrounded by about 40 ships, who are attacking any other ships that approach and preventing the isle from any trading capacity. These boats themselves are of little consequence to us; however, the force is lead by a magus of unknown capacity, both in power and source. She is not Hermetic, that much is certain. Among her allies are acolytes who seem to act as arcane shields, which we can call an inconvenience; they did not appear to wield any spell casting abilities, but would absorb any hermetic energy we focused towards them, either directly or indirectly. I had hoped to capture one of these lesser magi’; that, however, ended in a, ah, ‘crushing’ disappointment.
More of this magus. Liviticus managed to scry her before being taken by twilight; whether she initiated this, or it was a result of his own shortcoming is hard to say, Liviticus may have a deeper insight into that than I. Most notably in his observations was a potent item she carried, as staff made seemingly from sand. It was this item, I believe, that she unleashed upon Villa Ibiza; it became a windstorm elemental that tore into the city. Only by thwarting it’s movements by Parete Pietra was I able to minimize casualties to the population. Needless to say, though, the duel caused significant structural damage to the city. I will be considering lending assistance to repair some of the more severely ruined areas.
The invading force was repelled admirably by Sir Jarl and Pistol; in fact, their efforts may win a number of soldiers to the covenant, which will not only help replace the losses we suffered, but hopefully bolster our security team. Don Eduardo will be reluctant to part with any fighting men right now, most likely, and frankly I don’t believe the covenant itself is in immediate external danger. But that could change.
Especially in the light of this invading force, or more to the point, its motives. The catalyst for this invasion may very likely have been triggered by the dispelling of the enchantment on the Sultan. Don Eduardo received a letter the day before the attack which inferred as much. If so, we may in fact be targets of the Sultan now, if he believes the source of his ensorcellment originated from us. This we must discover. A scrying of the sultan is in order, at the very least.

A larger issue facing the covenant now, though, in my opinion, is the ailment affecting Macha Morgana, if ailment is the correct word. The ritual we cast to protect our covenant citizenry has clearly had a negative impact on the ley line. I hope you will have encouraging news to report to us, Dominus, of your research into this; we must fix our mistake in the ritual, even if it means lifting the ward for the time being. We cannot risk further damage to Macha Morgana.

And now, I must deliver the news to Sir Jarl that, as a result of the trade embargo, we will be implementing food rationing. Yes, that will include his beloved southern pears. We all make sacrifices in times of need.


Spring 1222


Not the southern pears!

Damn them! Damn them all to HELL!

Spring 1222
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