Razvan of Verditius, Honorificabilitudinitatibus

"Iffa broke, donta fix it--that isa my job."


House: Verditius
Covenant: Ibiza
Role: Librarian

Age: 32
Eyes: Sharp
Build: Thin
Clothes: Worn Robes
Hair: Bald
Sigil: Angular Features

Body: 0
Quickness: +1
Mind: +2
Spirit: -1

Book: +2
Orthodox: +1
House Moves: Add Book stat twice to all crafting magic item rolls (5 max), Craftsman, Metal Worker; -1 to all arcane moves except Spellbook

Mastery of the Arts:
Creo +1
Intellego +1
Muto +1
Perdo +1
Rego +2

Animal +0
Aquam +1
Auram +0
Corpus +1
Herbam +0
Ignam +0
Imaginem +1
Mentam +1
Terram +3
Vim +1

SpellBook (Name/Arts/Description/Focus)

Parete Pietra (Rego Terram): from existing rock creates walls of stone of any shape and size. A finely chiseled stone wall.
Diaspora Diabolica (Perdo Vim): unravels an infernal’s magical weave. A ring of pure vim that curls out to the victim
Danza Della Spada (Rego Terram): a functional dagger turns into an animated sword; harm +2, 3 holds to attack, defend, or aid
Aer A Zbura (Rego Auram): air currents lift and carry the mage swiftly along. A brooch of wings.
Muro di Mente (Creo Terram): a 8′×10′ reinforced stone wall springs into existence. A tiny roll of parchment with the drawing of the wall on it.
Purificare il Veleno Scuro (Muto Aquam): a ward surrounds the mage against poisons. A vial of purified water
Primo Soccorso (Creo Corpus): allows the target to attempt to heal an imbalance or debility with an aid to their spirit/body roll. A caduceus pin
Leggerezza Dell’Essere (Muto Corpus): Makes the target’s body lighter

Advanced Moves: Inventive Genius (add 1 Book), Hermetic Prestige (add 1 Orthodox), Brilliant Writer, Worldly Training (Resort to Violence), Flawless Formulaic, Adept Student, Language of the Forge

Warping: 9/0

Laboratory: Scriptorium, Forge, Apothecary

Apprentice: Gonzalo, 13 years old. He is in the Spring of his Training
Magic Items:
Staff of the Desert Elemental, a non hermetic item which with I have some limited control
Staff of Terram Terribilis, my first created item, and my signature piece.


World: The Infernal and Divine realms are broken elements of the real world, and must be fixed. (Everything in the world, including objects, has a fate.)
Order: The continuation of the order is best preserved through books and items. (The Code serves the Order, not the other way around.)
Covenant: The covenant, and in particular Macha Morgana, is vulnerable and must be protected at all costs.

Liviticus: +3
Dominus: +4
Felix: +2
Soteris: +1
Gilera: +3

The Magi’s Story So Far

Razvan knew he was destined for a life far different from his parents, but he had no idea it would lead him into the Art. A gifted metalworker, Razvan was apprenticed at an early age to the taciturn blacksmith in his Transylvanian village, a man not known for either his patience or generosity. It was perhaps a surprise, then, when his master sponsored his transfer to the city to learn from the most learned artisans in the land. Truly, though, Razvan’s remarkable talent with metals had outstripped the village blacksmith in a short while, and rather than forever be compared to his student’s work and found wanting, the man sent him away. Had he not, Razvan would never come into contact with the Magi who would change his life forever.
The meeting was the fleetest of chances: Oricanus needed the clockwork bird fixed post haste, and both Master Alexandru and his eldest apprenctice were away from the Metallurgy Crafthall. Desperate, the mage appealed to the quiet, oddly detached teenager tending the forge. A small, but incredibly precise gear, to replace the one that cracked when the bird tumbled to the pavement. Oricanus clung to a pessimistic hope that somehow this young man could deliver the mage and his clumsy hands from disaster. His shock was complete as he witnessed Razvan dismantle the intricate bird in mere moments, and then, with a critical eye, examine the damaged gear, smooth it between his thumbs, and reveal the gear now unbroken. Razvan reassembled the bird swiftly, showing no sense of awe at the rare intricacies of the device, and handed it back to the stunned Magi.
The next day, Master Alexandru watched with dismay as Oricanus and two redcaps escorted Razvan, his worldly goods stuffed into a pair of sacks, away from the Crafthall and off to the Order of Hermes.

Razvan of Verditius, Honorificabilitudinitatibus

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