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Summer 1223

To the East

After brief debate in the council, Razvan, Dominus and Felix decided to pursue information provided by The Order about the location of the Assassin’s Cult headquarters.

Murad Rauf’s ship carried them far across the Mediterranean to the distant city of Antioch in the province of Tripoli. There, thanks to the covenant of Antioch, they added camels and guides to their party of shield grogs.

They journeyed through the difficult terrain for many days before Felix was able to use his Animal magic to locate their destination.

After thoroughly scouting the area, the party proceeded invisibly, carried through the air by their magic. They engaged and overcame a small force they surmised had been sent against them. The heathen warlocks who survived the skirmish agreed to carry The Order’s message to the Old Man: “Join us, or die.”

The party then returned to their caravan to await further word.

And that word was not long in coming. Accompanied by 20 well-appointed warriors, the Old Man arrived the next morning and spoke the following words:

“I accept your offer. We will join you.”

“However, I will not dishonour the memory of the men you murdered yesterday by treating with their murderers. If you truly wish to join my Order to yours, you must send representatives with whom I may speak peaceably. My people have been given orders not to interfere with anyone who identifies themselves as part of the Hermetic Order. When you have spoken to your superiors, please have them send appropriate ambassadors here to discuss the details of our pending union.”


“The irony of your accusations of murder are not lost on The Order. And you do not seem to have a full understanding of what is going to happen. We are not joining your order with ours. Your order, from this day forward, no longer exists. All that remains to discuss is the circumstances under which it will cease to exist.

“You are being permitted to continue to live so long as you adopt the policies and practices of the Order of Hermes, and swear allegiance and obedience to its Code. You are not in a position to tell the Order what it ‘must’ do.

“We are the representatives who have been sent with this offer. You are not obligated to treat with us, but no further opportunities will be presented. Submit yourself peacefully, as well as any others among you who wish to join us, and we will present further instructions.”

We’ll need to return to the Antioch covenant in case the assassins decide to go out guns a’blazing. From there, we can plan and arrange further interactions with them, and possibly get an update to the Order and receive whatever instructions they may have.

Summer 1223

“I doubt very much that you speak for the entirety of your order, you rude, impetuous buffoon. The Hashashin do not submit; we acknowledge the power of your organization and wish to make a considerable contribution to it. If you would instead prefer to deal in ultimatums, I have one of my own:”

“We wish to bring our case before a governing body of your order – I believe you call them Tribunals. Should you refuse this request and continue your belligerent behaviour, we will fight to the last man. While I accept that you hold the upper hand in such a conflict, rest assured that many of your brethren will fall with us before we are defeated.”

“Think carefully before you respond. Both our futures depend on it.”

The Old Man and his entourage get up and walk away from the scene of the meeting.

Summer 1223

At this point I believe our mission is a success! We can choose to chase them down and fight (something both parties seem keen to do) and potentially lose this ‘success’ or send the old man’s message. I too have a strong urge to fight but from what you have told me, success in this mission is the only option. We can’t let our egos get the better of us. Just let the ‘buffoon’ comment go for now. There will be other opportunities to be rude and impetuous when the very existence of our covenant is not at stake.

Summer 1223

Sorry gents. I had no idea any of this was going on, as I assumed with most of the forum stuff it gets cc’ed to my email. I’d written all this stuff which is now largely moot :/. at any rate, my two cents

Dominus and Felix

We have delivered the message from the Order, with an appropriate rebuttal to their response. It is now time for our senior members to issue the call to arms, if necessary. Expediency is now key, I believe at this point, lest the Old Man and his hashashin decide to evaporate. It is largely irrelevant to the outcome where or to what kind of gathering of the Order he wishes to ‘state his case’; the Order is waiting for one response, and one only, and we have delivered the terms, with undeniable clarity and alacrity on Dominus’ part. Your words echoed exactly what i thought, Dominus; I know I am not known for my emotive displays, but the completely hypocritical stance demonstrated by this band of hired killers helped to, how you say, raise the ambient temperature of my circulatory life fluid to the level where a liquid form translates to a gaseous form. There a shorter way to say it, i think, but you know a-what I a-mean.
One thing we should make sure to reinforce to Valentina is that, should the Old Man truly join our order, they not only recant any ties to the Sultan, as required by the Code, but that any vendetta towards our Covenant will be met with the same ultimatum as if they refused to join our order. The Old Man is pericoloso, a-very dangerous, and as clever as he is arrogant; he may use the enforced union as an opportunity to gain a level of protection from us, in the same way we gain it from them (and in this I mean ethical, not literal, protection-their magic so far has done little to penetrate our Parma Magica), while then using his common, albeit extremely skilled and dedicated killers to launch some disguised attacks against us. He may be just this arrogant to try such a brazen stunt.
I am a-very curious to see what the outcome of this union entails, insofar as their arcane power goes. I have already drafted some letters requesting incidents of precedence, to see how non-hermetic magic is converted into hermetic. Perhaps the conversion, if it does indeed exist, can help us adapt this staff of theirs to our own benefit.

Summer 1223
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